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Technology continues to the shape the world around us by nearly any measure you consider. Those that become well-positioned to take advantage of proven and groundbreaking technologies will inevitably surpass the competition and forge new products, services and customer experiences that assure profitability and success. We help build, maintain and evolve strong Itechnology resources. Let us help you.

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Our technology consulting services include assessments, infrastructure optimization, cloud implementation, software, device selection and much more.

We offer optimal design today so you are future ready with capabilities from a highly credentialed team & a wide portfolio of infrastructure solutions to rely on.

Ohio-based and experienced technical staff for professional and immediate technology support for customers that need professionals on-demand.

Improve security and reduce risk with our Integration Services Department

Security and safety in workplaces today are essential for employees and customers. Our team can provide camera solutions and more.

  • Improve business profit by deterring theft
  • Improve worker productivity and assure an optimal workplace environment when managers are busy or unavailable.
  • Protect privileged areas and private information through monitoring.
  • Improve work flow, customer satisfaction and employee interaction by reviewing footage and setting best practices
  • Legal protection from false claims by any number of individuals including customers and employees

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Let Xtek be the go-to partner for all your technology demands.

With an extensive line-up of information technology services, we are the technology department you can rely on time after time.

Information Technology Systems Demand Mobility. 

Are you ready?

In today's technology infrastructure, mobility is a given requirement of constituents and end-users, but does your system have the power and flexibility required to meet ever-changing demands?

Xtek Partners is the go-to expert when it comes to  infrastructure and devices related to optimal mobile and wireless design for your organization.


It is estimated that nearly half of companies investing in information technology in 2017 list network and data security technologies as their #1 project for the year.


Xtek Partners offers best-in-class solutions to secure your systems and data.


Whatever your organizational demands, with Xtek your project will be in great hands offering expert level solutions.

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