Access Control

XTEK’s Access Control Division can help your organization design and implement effective authentication and authorization access solutions.

Basic Access

Basic Access solutions include card readers, key panels, access key fobs and more. 

XTEK specializes in designing, installing, and managing these solutions. Technology has advanced greatly, and today’s systems are easier to manage from virtually any device, anywhere. 

The administrative dashboards provide enhanced capabilities and a variety of reports. Tasks which took hours or even days previously, now are accomplished in seconds! 

Let XTEK show you a demonstration of the solutions we specialize in and how they can easily work with your current environment.

Integrated Access

Today we demand complete compatibility, everything must work together and coexist on the network. Access Control solutions are so advanced now, it is amazing what can be done! 

How about a door that locks and unlocks based upon your Outlook Calendar Schedule? Or a gate that opens based upon recognizing a license plate on a car or facial features of an employee? What about an email alert which is automatically sent if a door remains ajar longer than expected? 

So many things can integrate with the modern Access System you will find new ways to run your business. XTEK can help you from start to finish.

IoT and Beyond

Integration and flexibility are core to modern Access Control solutions. IoT devices are not only prevalent in today’s business but are, in many cases, critical to operations. 

Access Control must be able to synchronize with the multitudes of IoT devices for information, status, and security operations. Wired and wireless network devices transmit enormous amounts of data which can be integrated with your Access Control operations allowing customized solutions which are tailored to your business. 

XTEK’s highly skilled engineers can design and install these systems for you. Ask us about our assessment services.

XTEK Partners, “The only IT Company you will ever Need!”

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XTEK Partners, Access Control Division

We understand organizations need to regulate movement throughout your facility. You need to allow the right people in and keep the wrong people out. XTEK Partners provides multiple options when it comes to designing and installing your Access Control system. 

Our solutions include the latest in top technology hardware with either software or web-based management dashboards. Your team can easily manage these Access Control systems or XTEK can handle the administration/management of your system for you, including badging, maintaining cardholder databases, monitoring door access controls, managing schedules and providing reports. 

Contact us today for more information.


Our team will approach your project and cover it from start to finish with full dedication and expertise.

The Top 3 Reasons Small and Medium Size Businesses Are Adopting Access Control

Enhanced Security

The fear of data loss or a breach of customer data is a primary concern in today’s tech landscape.

A Proactive Approach

The simple fact that small and mid-size businesses no longer want to worry about the state of their tech, data loss, or network function.

Maximize Uptime

Limit the possibility that a disastrous downtime incident will impact long term profitability.


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