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Interactive Displays & Projectors

An interactive display has the look and feel of a standard display but also enables users to make vibrant visual presentations and control on-screen data, navigation, and presentations by simply touching and interacting with the digital touchscreen. 

This same principal is in use for the interactive projectors where you will simply interact by touching the surface where the projector is projecting the image. Your pen or mouse is your finger. Interactive technology is a great addition for teaching and boardroom environments.

Control Systems

A control system manages, commands, directs, or regulates the behavior of other devices or systems using a single point of interaction. 

As an example, a control system can range from a single display turning on and off to a full system that turns a projector on, lowers a projector screen, selects an input source, starts a video camera application, lowers the blinds, and dims the lights. 

A control system can eliminate many button presses and also allow the end user the ability to keep things simple with their interaction. A one button “press to start your meeting” is an easy and welcomed feature for any meeting or conference space environment.

Video and Audio over IP

Long gone are the days of analog and AV over copper wiring as the only solution. While this dated technology is still an option, the alternative is available due to the advancements in technology. 

Xtek is able to implement your AV solution utilizing its own stand alone network, or even your current network to transmit video or audio from your source to the destination, be it a display, projector, or speaker over category networking cables. This reduces wiring demands and keeps cost low by utilizing a standard cable for many applications concerning AV.


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Remote/Teleconference Sessions
Being able to conduct meeting, training, and classroom learning sessions remotely is becoming a more common approach. Xtek is able to help design and implement AV equipment within a space that would allow the meeting leader, instructor, or teacher to present themselves and their material locally and also remotely by adding equipment as simple as a microphone and camera to the presentation space and broadcasting over a video conference application. 

The end users could then log in to the session and view the presentation and also interact with the presenter as if they were in the room physically. 

With so many AV solutions available to accomplish remote sessions, Xtek can meet your needs and provide a system that will ensure your meeting, training, or classroom learning session can continue with participants that need to be involved. This solution is a great aid to the classroom and conference room environments.


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The Top 3 Reasons Small and Medium Size Businesses Are Adopting Managed Services

Enhanced Security

The fear of data loss or a breach of customer data is a primary concern in today’s tech landscape.

A Proactive Approach to IT

The simple fact that small and mid-size businesses no longer want to worry about the state of their tech, data loss, or network function.

Maximize Uptime

Limit the possibility that a disastrous downtime incident will impact long term profitability.


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